Take a look at some of the other products we sell to aid in the installation and care of your hardwood flooring.

Custom Hardwood Vents

These hardwood vents will add the perfect finishing touch to any room. Available in either flush mount or drop-ins and in any type of wood you would like, these vents can be custom ordered for any size opening. Don't let those ugly metal vents take away from the look of your beautiful hardwood floors. 

Bona Hardwood Floor Care Products

Keep your hardwood flooring looking pristine with any of our Bona floor cleaners, refreshers, or mop kits. Designed not only to clean, and shine, but Bona products also offer protection for your hardwood that many other cleaners do not offer. 

AquaBar Moisture Barrier

AquaBar rolls out over your sub-floor when laying your hardwood and acts a moisture barrier to help prevent damage to your hardwood if you should ever have any type of water issue. It consist of two layers of Kraft paper laminated with asphalt. We consider AquaBar to be the best and most inexpensive insurance policy in protecting your hardwood flooring. One roll will cover 500 square feet.

Fabulon Polyurethane

Get the perfect finish for your hardwood flooring, whether you are laying a new floor or refinishing an original floor Fabulon Polyrethane has you covered. Available in High-Gloss, Semi-Gloss or Satin finishes this oil-based polyurethane won't leave you disappointed. Each gallon covers 450 to 500 square feet and we usually recommend 2 to 3 coats for flooring application.

We also carry applicators, spline, hardwood flooring staples, and more.