Our specialized hardwood flooring is direct from the sawmill, to our showroom, and straight to your home.  By eliminating the middle-man, we are able to provide quality hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost. All unfinished flooring is 3/4" thick and available in 2 1/4", 3", 4" and 5" widths.


Hardwood flooring is "graded" according to distinct qualities present in the wood. The grade of the wood has nothing to do with the quality of the wood, it is simply sorted by its appearance based on the presence of knots and natural color variation. Please see the National Wood Flooring Association page for the grading guidelines that we follow. While this link refers to oak, similar rules apply for all types of flooring.  

Soft Maple

Soft Maple blends well with many other colors you may already have in your home. It tends to range from an almost white light blonde with some slight grey coloration to reddish tan in color, with enough variation that it is easily coordinates with almost anything. While the name it Soft Maple, it is still considered a hardwood, falling at a 1088 on the hardness rating scale.